IMIS 2015​

IMIS 2015 is the Iran’s first Mines and Mining Industries Summit at International level, with the support of Government, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, officials, experts and Iranian companies. IMIS, is considered to be  as one of Asia’s largest premier mineral investment, economic and trading cooperation event which covers all relevant disciplines of this important industry, including geological surveying, exploration development, extracting, mineral products processing, meteorology, downstream industries, equipment and machineries, affiliated industries, supportive services, recognition and introduction of investment & financing opportunities, technology development, applied research and training, improving safety, sanitary and environmental status. A variety of issues were discussed during the summit including mines and mining industries’ role in the economy, the sector’s outlook, investment opportunities and challenges and mineral industries’ commodities and trade. The event took place in Teheran on May 31st and June 1st, and has been attended by more than 1670 delegates from 590 companies coming from 21 countries. The event was described by many experts as a starting point for serious mineral cooperation between Iran and foreign corporations after years of economic sanctions on Iran over its nuclear energy program. During the two-days summit Irasco was present with a stand to show the company activities and arranged different B2B meetings.

  • Date

    May 31-June 1, 2015

  • Duration of Event

    2 days

  • Main Organizer


  • Co-Organizer


  • Location


  • Venue

    Milad Tower Conference Center