Quality Policy

The IRASCO S.r.l. Management has decided to adopt a Quality Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 in order to fully meet the needs and expectations of the client and the main stakeholders in the continuous compliance with the obligations imposed by laws and regulations for the products made and for the services provided.

In order to achieve the objectives, IRASCO pursues the following general principles:

  • Adoption of an organizational approach based on processes
  • Analyze processes and daily activities according a “RISK BASED THINGING”
  • Observance of the laws and contractual regulations
  • Individual accountability for the quality of the work performed
  • Prevention of non-compliance
  • Customized training for all quality need, for all positions and for all company level
  • Measure the observance and effectiveness of the quality management system through internal audits
  • Continuous redefinition of concrete and measurable goals.

In order to implement the principles of quality policy, the IRASCO S.r.l. Management, while retaining leadership of the Quality Management System, will be supported by an internal figure, who will respond to the board with the following main tasks:

  • Monitor the organization processes ensuring that they are implemented and maintained continually updated
  • Identify quality issues
  • Identify and introduce actions in order to solve quality problems
  • Identify new potential risks in organizational processes and implement actions to face them
  • Report to the Management on the status of the Quality Management System, highlighting the improvement needs
  • Identify the means of involvement, awareness, training and information of employees