The 20th Annual Steel Symposium which has been held by Iron & Steel Society of Iran and with the cooperation of the domestic steel factories, this year has been hosted in Kish Island on 27 and 28 February 2018. This Symposium gathered a large number of steel industry key players for 2 days, from the upper executor of the state sector to the largest steel producer units (State, Semi – private and Private), the related companies to the steel production and industry experts, in order to discuss about the recent researches, the survey of obstacles and challenges, the kind of trading and finally the strategies for reaching the goals.

The symposium presented the recent researches and industrial productions in the various fields of hardware & software which are used in steel and the related mines Industries.

During the two-days exhibition Irasco was present, as a lot of foreign companies, to present its abilities and references for projects, supply of equipment and spare parts, materials and services.

  • Date

    February 27-28, 2018

  • Duration of Event

    2 days

  • Organizer

    Iron & Steel Society of Iran

  • Location

    Kish Island, Iran

  • Venue

    Kish International Exhibitions Center